Thoughtfulness and Understanding - Rishona Chopra

Thoughtfulness and Understanding are deeply related. Thoughtfulness creates Understanding. Understanding a person is essential in a classroom, for a teacher to child and a child to the teacher. Children need to understand their peers and teachers.

We all have this mutual respect for the class teacher in our class. Although we sometimes do trouble her, sometimes we love her a lot. On her birthday, we make cards and give out toffees to the entire class in happiness! When absent, the whole class expects her to be unwell, and we make a big get well soon card for her. The entire class's Understanding of their teacher creates a togetherness, and the teacher's Understanding of the children is unique. She cares for us, has fun with us, and is something we could never repay. 

Not just within a classroom, but thoughtfulness for animals, your parents, your friends and any person in the world. Even giving water to a dog, opening the door for a child, and pointing that someone's shoelaces are untied. It all counts and shows your thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness for mother nature. If thoughtfulness existed for everyone and everything, everything would be a whole deal better.

Thoughtfulness is just when a thought comes to you to care for someone. Just simply that thought creates Understanding. A little consideration, and a little review for others, make all the difference.

"A thought of kindness, 
A thought of caring,
Just that one thought creates an Understanding.
And understanding leads to Empathy."

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

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