Humility and Appreciation - Ruchi Chaudhary

How many times have you avoided an arrogant person? Whether it be the kid in kindergarten who boasts about his toys, or the coworker that never seems to accept any advice, I’m sure you’ve never been in a rush to collaborate with those solely and blatantly concerned about themselves over others. Naturally, individuals want to collaborate with others who will listen, respect, and value their input. Applying humility to your own life opens up the opportune door of collaboration!  


I ask my students to greet everyone, say ‘Thank you’, and ‘Please’. Similarly, teaching them to apologise and say ‘Sorry’ when their actions hurt another person is essential. Helping them understand how apologising is a form of giving respect. Teaching them to accept a compliment genuinely. If they are appreciated for the smallest of their work, like handwriting, ask them to get the praise with a ‘Thank you’ and say something they like about the other person. 

Lesson on Humility  

Humility cannot be imposed. It is important not to confuse humiliation, bullying and beating down with education in humility. When you put humility in your own life, you immediately set yourself up to inspire others — that’s a special gift. So, it’s time to start practising humility! 


Students, especially those in high school, face enormous pressure to succeed. Add to that hormonal and physical changes and non-stop digital media streams — students can lose sight of the good things in their lives.   

When was the last time you took a moment to appreciate the students around you, not for what they’ve learned, accomplished or done for you, but just for being in your life?  

In my recent class, 9 B, most of the students are average in their studies, but they all are different in their everyday behaviour. They are well-behaved, disciplined, and always follow the teacher’s direction; after getting appreciation from almost every subject teacher, they are improving their grades too, which happened because of the power of appreciation.  

Ruchi Chaudhary 

Mussoorie Public School  

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