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When implemented, little thought can bring big changes in ourselves, others, and the world. Emotions, care, empathy, belongingness, togetherness, and respect take birth from thoughtfulness and understanding. To feel for someone or something, one must think, relate and understand. Our day-to-day experiences make us think about anything and everything, which helps us to help others. 

We have a wonderful birthday return gift policy in our school. The birthday boy/girl can give the return gift to nature. Nature has made us, and we can return something to it. According to our school policy, the birthday child can plant a sapling in the school garden and watch it grow with them. This makes them realize their responsibility of keeping the environment safe, green, and secure.


Recently there was a birthday in my class, and this child got the sapling in the pot. I asked her to come along and plant the same in the school garden, and she requested me to keep it outside the classroom in the corridor as it will receive the required sunlight and air. She also promised me that she will take care of that sapling and water it on regular basis. Other students said that photosynthesis will happen just outside the classroom. They were very excited and linked it with their prior knowledge. Now the next question, which was asked the birthday girl was if she is absent on any day or for days, who will take care and water the sapling? She thought and asked her peers. Almost everyone got ready to help her. It is just a wonderful feeling to share that we are able to keep our promise and not only the birthday girl, but the entire class takes care of it. This small thoughtfulness has brought unexpected changes to my class. These children at this young age are not only trying to save nature but learning to help each other. Also, understanding the academic concepts clearly.

Shalini Solanki

Gyanshree School, Noida

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