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Thoughtfulness and Understanding 

Thoughtfulness is the state of being absorbed in thought. A steady gaze reflects thoughtfulness. The quality of being kind and thinking about other people's needs. There are numerous tools, but here I want to share three main tools I  would like to use in my classroom for thoughtfulness in students. These are communication, critical thinking and collaboration. 

Communication: -The first tool I would love to enhance my students' communication skills. This is the essential tool of the 21st century for thoughtfulness. It gives the power to express thoughts and feelings amongst others. These are writing skills,  speaking skills and listening skills. 

Critical thinking: - The second tool I want to inculcate is critical thinking. Critical thinking is a kind of thinking in which you question, analyze, interpret, evaluate and judge what you read, hear, say, or write. This is essential for every student; with this tool, learners can analyze every situation and get fruitful results. 

Collaboration: - The third tool I would like to inculcate is collaboration. When students complete their tasks collaboratively, they learn teamwork. When students work in teams, they know how to manage time and resources. Collaboration plays a  vital role in students' life. 

Understanding Empathy  

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It's the ability to understand another person's thoughts and feelings in a situation from their point of view rather than your own. It differs from sympathy, where one is moved by the thoughts and feelings of another but maintains an emotional distance. Giving people your full attention in meetings, being curious about their lives and interests, and offering constructive feedback are all empathic behaviours.  

I will conduct various activities to inculcate ethical values and empathy among my students. I will advise my students to help their friends without laughing at them. I will ask my learners to work on listening to people without interrupting them. I will ask my students to strengthen their connection with others to learn more about how they feel. Moreover, we can see the world from another person's perspective when we feel empathy. This can lead to a more compassionate response and a deeper understanding of their experience. You may be the sort of person who gets elated for someone happy. You want the people around you to experience joy. When they're joyful, you feel that and can partake in that emotion together. 

Ms. Jaspreet Kaur 

Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara

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