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Nowadays, Art is taught in every school to develop students’ strength to explore their emotions, opinions, and ideas through a required medium. Paintings and sculptures are popular forms of Art. Art is an expression of the reality of your core. If you can see the unique side of a situation which can’t be seen by the majority, you are an Artist. Art should be taught to every student to know another side of life.

Art is not only doing sketches and paintings but also managing our lives and making our surroundings beautiful by documenting that particular moment. Knowing Art is about creating a separate room in your mind. For example, ancient people used to live outside without homes; even now, only four walls and a ceiling are enough to protect themselves. Still, your mind will not be satisfied only by that, and you will need more unnecessary things to make the room beautiful because it’s a matter of your feeling.

Instead of four walls, you desire a beautiful architectural form and arranged environments around you. Documenting the moments through Art reminds us about our human revolutions so far. When studying Art or observing an object, you are trying to connect that particular object, feeling and knowing better about something or someone else. At that right moment, you may find a different meaning or perspective. That perspective is your contribution. So, Art helps build a relationship with everything around them, even with a single insect, and an artist can respect all their existence. That’s why an Art guru always seems to suggest observing things. Here Drawing is the best form of keeping something in detail.

Art is a practice of seeing life uniquely, and students may explore the bright side of negative things in life in terms of their career, visuals, feelings, opinion and many more. That’s why the mother of Art is combined with expression like singing, painting, dancing, writing, performance etc. At this moment, if the page of Art is wiped out from your life, your life will go blank because whatever you are wearing, how you are behaving, whatever you are talking about or making your life very simple & intelligent are the fundamental fragments of Art. Think once why only a particular thing is extraordinary for you, although plenty of similar items are available. If you can understand Art, that means you’re a devotee, or if you create Art, you are unique. As like we can feel a song profoundly but can’t sing. So, for the students, Art makes them realise how important their feelings are in the present time.

I have a task for you if you accept. Have you ever wondered why only something that you like in the universe without reason? Everyone loves flowers, even you also. If I ask you why do you love that? Why is it beautiful? Tell me the exact reason for the beauty of that flower? “I just like it” is not the answer. Go near a beautiful flower, observe it carefully along with your copy, and start writing about its beauty–it’s not a simple task. I’m sure your mind will go blank. You may feel but hard to express. It will be a unique achievement if you try and can write a few lines. That’s the supreme achievement in Art, as you deeply feel something and can make someone feel the same in the same density is a big challenge for an artist. This is how your mind is getting to be mastered.

Sometimes I am amazed by how ancient people struggled to document Art forms in caves in 40,000 BC. Today’s yield of success is derived from them. They were unique. If you start a journey of Art History towards prehistoric, you will be mesmerised at every turn. “Without our past, there is no future”.

ART: Art is an expression of values or emotions and the connection between qualities of a relationship (it could be anything), creating a form of whatever you think of. 

Subrata Sarkar
The Fabindia School

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