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Unity brings power, and caring gives the power of being in the company of people who love, care, understand, and stand with you in good and bad times. We must have heard the quote, ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’. Such a short quote has a powerful meaning and feeling. I still remember the award-winning song on the Doordarshan channel, ‘Ek chidiya, anek chidiya’. No matter how small or weak we are together, nothing is impossible.

I got to experience ‘Unity and Caring’ with my students outside the classroom.

All Grade 2 sections went for an excursion to Zoological Park, New Delhi, under the theme ‘Animals Around Us’. I started discussing the trip with my class two days before the departure date to get their ideas and expectations. We decided to make groups of 2 students each in a queue. The partners were accepted on the approval of each student as per the requirements. 23 students were present on the final day, so I made a queue of 11 groups + 01 with me (He needed special care☺). I was surprised to see their unity and caring for each other here. They sat in groups on the bus and counted each other. Students were even concerned about each other’s bags and water bottles. I was so happy to see their belongingness and care for each other.

We finally reached the zoo, and before I counted till 11 to ensure that every group was present after getting off the bus, they counted themselves and told me they were all with me. Each one has taken responsibility. Even if one child had to go to the washroom, the whole class would wait without complaint. We went to see different categories of animals, and I observed that my students wanted to experience everything with their entire group. They were holding hands, walking and enjoying together, sharing caps and giving places to their peers to stand and see the animals. Children made space for the entire class to see the ‘Malaysian Bird’ and ‘Jaguar’ together. They also ensured the shorter ones could get in front and experience the complete view.

What else could a teacher desire? This is itself an achievement to see our children reflecting the behaviour desired by us. Sometimes I feel powerful as I have little contribution to shaping the lives of our future leaders. This feeling is beyond anything that exists.


Shalini Solanki
Gyanshree School, Noida

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