Quality and Love - Preeti Mahajan and Mridula Renjit


A student who does a shoddy job with work

A student does unpresentable and shoddy work due to either lack of interest or appreciation. It could also be because of a need for a motivating role model.

After identifying such a child, I will draw that child's attention to the type of work he or she does. Before any written work, the child's attention is drawn towards the presentation and neatness of the work. 

The child will also be asked to redo the work. The importance of putting our total effort and attention into work at hand, any work in general, will be discussed in the class. The notebook of children who have worked neatly will be shown to the child. Any small effort from the child will be acknowledged and rewarded.

The neatness in work in art, craft, and organization of things will also be monitored, and feedback on the same will also be given.

Parents are also roped in this journey of awareness and improvement.

Two underage students in a romantic relationship

Love is a very natural and all-engulfing emotion. Students who spend a lot of time with each other, help each other and work as a united team tend to feel close. We also have to consider that the children are in a development stage with rapid hormonal and appearance changes.

We have to take an underage romantic relationship in a way that sends signals to the children that the matter at hand is not the centre of thought and discussion. That the teacher is just taking it in her stride. Once overreaction is not there, the thrill of getting attention which is a major driving force, is squashed. Half the battle is won by the teacher here only.

Care is taken to keep things as normal as possible. Students are given individual counselling and counselling with each other. Their attention is drawn towards the fact that school time, school years is the crucial time to build a strong foundation for future endeavours. Help the children to have a vision.

Along with the teacher's non-judgemental, always there-for-your attitude, the students will surely get their focus back on their studies.

Mridula Renjit
Preeti Mahajan
Ahlcon Public School
JOL cohort 2022

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