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A student who does a shoddy job with classwork and homework

Quality is a parameter to check the excellence of a child. It varies with age. At a certain level, we expect quality work from our students. It is essential to check the well-being of the child instead of the perfection and quality of their work. I am a grade mentor of class 5, a transitional phase in every respect. 

Every year I meet with different souls. This year, my interaction is with a student who is a reasonable observer and a kinesthetic learner. He is blessed with silence and calmness. He is excellent at analyzing and synthesizing. During winter, he came to me and discussed the issue of improvement in his handwriting. He shared that he needs to present his work well due to his shoddy writing. I listened to him patiently and gave him a remedy for his problem. I discussed the matter with his parents too. I told my student to write one paragraph every day without fail. He religiously followed the same. His parents are supportive, and he worked together. The sincere effort of the student gave him a positive feeling and confidence. 

Two underage students in a romantic relationship

Spring is the season for spreading Love in every living being after the harsh winter climate. Love is in the air. Love is in our thoughts, in emotions, and in every gesture. In grade 5, students do talk about crushes rather than romantic relationships. But yes, the pandemic changed the behaviour of grade 5, and they tend to behave and interact like teenagers. Recently, one student came and asked me about my first crush, my first Love and at what age. It was an indicator for me. I asked my students what Love is to them? Many students explained Love to me like– getting a new dress is Love, getting a hug from the grandparents is Love, meeting friends is Love, dancing is Love, and few were only giggling. I thought we teachers inculcate values and passion for learning something through Love. So I thought the Love of learning could be developed and cultivated using simple strategies. They are as follows:

  • Help children discover interest and passion

  • Help them to visualize and imagine

  • Find the child’s learning style

  • Help to develop skills in them

  • Have more healthy discussions every day

  • Be supportive and encouraging

  • Give more hands-on work/experiment

Talking to students regularly is Love.

Sukhpreet Kaur

Gyanshree School

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