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Simplicity and Trust

Greater happiness comes with simplicity than with complexity – Buddha

Simplicity is the essence of happiness. 

Happiness is opening the gate of satisfaction and helping us to make our surroundings positive. Simplicity is in our actions and gives reflection to others. This reflection generates trust between two.

Trust is in our actions. 

In a trustworthy relationship, it is easy to convey our thought process without any barriers. Trust means to believe in oneself, others, etc. We need to inculcate these values in our students as it plays a major role in our life.

In grade 5, I did one activity on simplicity. It was my science class and we started with hands-on activities to understand the concept of changes around us. The activity on curd making was the first task which I gave to students. It was simple yet important for everyone in daily life. I gave instructions as a facilitator to my students that we can set curd even in the school. I performed this activity and students learnt the art / technique of setting curd. They learnt about the temperature check, hotness of the milk and necessary conditions to make it possible. They were super excited and happy. These simple activities inculcate values.


The well-being of students has a direct impact on their progress. So, happy students learn better. As a teacher, we play a crucial role in their social-emotional well-being and development. We can create an engaging classroom environment with collaboration and respect. Team-building activities are perfect for teaching life-skills to students.

Circle time is a time for important social interactions among young children. Ithelps develop positive relationships between kids through engaging and fun activities. During circle time, students of grade 5 did one activity of trust and happiness. Students were divided into pairs. They did the activity of blind-walk. In this activity one student who is in the front will be blind folded and he has to rely on the other partner. The person takes the other for a walk by holding their hand or arm and talking to them as they go. This activity with blindfolds can progress by: Making the route they take more complex with regards to turns and twists. I gave a twist to the activity. In the beginning the activity was done between the friends. Same activity was performed between those who rarely talk to each other. This strengthened a bond among students.

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