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A student who does a shoddy job in classwork and homework 

A classroom is a mixture of children having different learning competencies and interests. Each student is special and unique, so some may perform well in some subjects while others may not. Each student will be different from another and may showcase different talents and creativity. In this group of students, some may need to catch up regarding their academic performance. Some students take more time to comprehend learning topics, and some need to write faster.

A new student was admitted to the class. He was a very active and intelligent child. He used to participate in every lively discussion in the class. But when it came to writing or completing the class work or homework, he was at the last of the class. He was too slow in meeting any of his notebook assignments. He was very used to typing away on laptops and Ipads that his writing skills needed to be higher. I explained to him the importance of writing. He should have a habit of writing fast, as in board exams, the children must complete the paper writing in the given time. After that, they are not given any extra time for writing. I advised him to write letters to his parents, friends etc. His family members will also appreciate him for the letters, and it is a great way to work on his writing skills for anyone. Keeping a journal and writing daily can help increase the speed. He followed my advice, and slowly his writing skills improved.

Two underage students in a romantic relationship

Being involved in a romantic relationship at an early age hurts motivation and concentration, and thus also learning. Early romantic relationships are often very emotionally intense, leading teenagers to invest much time and energy in them that would otherwise be devoted to hobbies, friends, family schoolwork.

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