Affection vs Rejection - Sneha Singh

Rahul, a new student in class 7, felt nervous and apprehensive during his first few days at school. He found it challenging to adjust to a new environment and make friends. However, his class teacher, Ms Roma, noticed his unease and took the initiative to make him feel welcome.

Ms Roma greeted Rahul with a warm smile every morning, took the time to chat with him, and encouraged him to participate in classroom activities. She praised his efforts and offered support whenever he felt unsure or anxious. 

Gradually, Rahul began to feel more comfortable and confident in class. Ms Roma's affectionate approach not only helped Rahul overcome his apprehensions but also made him realise that he was valued and accepted. However, if Rahul was ignored by his classmates, ridiculed for his mistakes, or received harsh reprimands from his teacher, he would likely feel rejected and unwelcome in the classroom. 

This could lead to feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, and reluctance to participate in class activities. Fortunately, the affectionate approach of Ms.Roma helped counteract any potential feelings of rejection, creating a supportive classroom environment.

Sneha Singh 
Sunbeam Bhagwanpur 

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