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As an English teacher, I am often asked why I chose this profession and what drives my passion for teaching. The answer lies in my own educational journey, which was profoundly shaped by an exceptional teacher who ignited my love for English. 

During my school years, I had the fortune of being taught by a teacher Mrs.Sen, who was more than just an educator, she was an inspiration. Her passion for English was evident in every lesson, and her enthusiasm was infectious. Mrs Sen had a unique ability to make literature come alive, transforming mundane texts into fascinating stories and intricate poems into powerful expressions of emotion. 

She did not merely teach us to read and write, she taught us to appreciate the beauty of language and the power of words.

Antony's speech in Julius Caesar gave us goosebumps and showed us the power of language and literature. Well, this was LOVE LEARNING for me. I found myself eagerly anticipating each class, excited to delve into new literary worlds and explore the depths of language. 

However, in my career as a teacher, I have encountered many students who come into the classroom with a deep-seated aversion to learning. This hatred often stems from negative experiences, external pressures, or a lack of interest in the subject matter. My objective is to transform these negative perceptions and help students find joy, transforming their HATE LEARNING INTO LOVE LEARNING.

By creating a supportive, engaging, and inspiring classroom environment, I strive to help my students discover the joy and value of learning English, turning their aversion into a lifelong love.

Sneha Singh 
Sunbeam Bhagwanpur

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