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Behavioural issues in students often arise from emotional suppression and exposure to parental conflict at home. When children witness frequent arguments or tension between their parents, it can create a highly stressful environment. 

This stress, combined with the need to suppress their own feelings to avoid adding to the conflict, can lead to a range of behavioural problems at school. These issues may manifest as aggression, disrespect, withdrawal, anxiety, or difficulty in concentrating, impacting their academic performance and social interactions.

Moreover, the lack of a stable and supportive home environment can also hinder a child's emotional development. When children are unable to express their feelings openly, they may struggle to develop healthy coping mechanisms. 

This suppression can build up over time, leading to outbursts or other negative behaviours as they seek ways to release their pent-up emotions. Addressing these underlying issues through counselling by a teacher or a school counsellor as per requirement and creating a more supportive school atmosphere can significantly improve their overall well-being and behaviour in school.

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