Affection Vs Rejection - Vijeta Wilson

Reflecting on my own experience, I remember when I was in school I faced low confidence, shyness, and hesitation. Those were challenging days. The situation made it difficult for me to speak in public and even in my class. 

My peers used to get appreciated by teachers for their clever and confident speaking. It was really disheartening.

I was just like a 'bee stuck in the bonnet' for a long time. Fortunately, I had a friend who always paid attention to my struggles and expectations.     


She noticed my secretive dancing steps and humming when the entire class was partying. She made efforts and time to talk to me and tried to convince me that I was different and NOT wrong. She told me that I am capable of certain things which others cannot do at all.

Her kind words brought me great comfort and happiness.  She showed genuine care and understanding which made a huge difference in my LIFE. A little support from her helped me see my strengths and capabilities. 

And, today I consider myself a good entertainer, with good command over the mic, a smart speaker and someone who feels confident in whatever I say. 

Getting appreciation from one's colleagues and management brings one to cloud nine. I wanted to share this specific experience with you all one day when I realized that many children were struggling with the same feelings as I did while I was in school.

I felt the same pain of seeing my students struggle with their situations. Through my experiences, I try to impart the same strength and inspiration to my students. I realized that the power of empathy and its impact on building relationships with students and friends is not just necessary but also admirable.

The most
Precious gift we
Can offer anyone
Is our attention
And affection.
Vijeta Wilson
Sunbeam Indiranagar

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