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Awardees at The Award Celebration Event at The Doon School- John May's Visit on 31st March 2012

1 Anshu Singhi Hopetown Girls School Bronze
2 Palak Dhall Hopetown Girls School Bronze
3 Sakshi Chaudhary Hopetown Girls School Bronze
4 Simran Singh Hopetown Girls School Bronze
5 Krati Rastogi Hopetown Girls School Bronze
6 Bhavya Gupta Hopetown Girls School Bronze

1 Shasank Joshi  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
2 Abhishek Maurya  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
3  Shashank Pundir  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
4 Rishabh Jain  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
5 Ayushi Rana  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
6 Sagar sharma  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
7 Sachin joshi  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
8 Mohammad Aneesh  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
9 Ritesh Singh  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
10 Rohan Panwar  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
11 Sachin Dhiman  Purkal Youth D S Bronze
12 Deepak Kumar Purkal Youth D S Bronze

1 Arjit Saxena Raphael Bronze
2 Mamta Raphael Bronze
3 Neha Sharma Raphael Bronze
4 Anshul Sharma Raphael Bronze
5 Megha Thakur Raphael Bronze
6 Shivam Gupta Raphael Bronze
7 Sonu Veoni Raphael Bronze
8 Neel Karnika Raphael Bronze
9 Aarti Rawat Raphael Bronze
10 Aman Manchanda Raphael Bronze
11 Sonia Raphael Bronze
12 Vishal Kashyap Raphael Bronze
13 Divesh Raphael Bronze
14 Sachin Barthwal Raphael Bronze
15 Komal Dhiman Raphael Bronze
16 Virendra Raphael Bronze
17 Roopa Raphael Bronze
18 Dharan Raphael Bronze
19 Dheeraj Uniyal Raphael Bronze
20 Varun Goyal Raphael Bronze
21 Madhav Raphael Bronze
22 Rishabh Pokhriyal Raphael Bronze
23 Kamal Bhandari Raphael Bronze
24 Nirmal Kumar Raphael Bronze
25 Avanti Goyal Raphael Bronze
26 Chavi Chaudhary Raphael Bronze
27 Saurabh Semwal Raphael Bronze
28 Archit Rawat Raphael Bronze
29 Ajay Bhandari Raphael Bronze

1 Rohit Kumar Sapera Basti Bronze
2 Siddhu Sapera Basti Bronze
3 Neeraj Kumar Sapera Basti Bronze
4 Akash Sapera Basti Bronze
5 Nikku Sapera Basti Bronze
6 Rajan Sapera Basti Bronze
7 Somil Sapera Basti Bronze
8 Arun Sapera Basti Bronze
9 Dheeraj Kumar Sapera Basti Bronze

1 Nihal Sharma The Doon School Bronze
2 Devang Mehra The Doon School Bronze
3 Arjun Singh Mann The Doon School Bronze
4 Varun Vasudev The Doon School Bronze
5 Paramdeep Singh The Doon School Bronze
Welham Boys
1 Ambarish Sarma Welham Boys Bronze
2 Utkarsh Gupta Welham Boys Bronze
3 Saket Bhalotia Welham Boys Bronze
4 Ayush Negi Welham Boys Bronze
5 Kumar Arnish Welham Boys Bronze
6 Nirvan Tibrewala Welham Boys Bronze
7 Snyash Pratap Singh Welham Boys Bronze
8 Raj Shekhar Welham Boys Bronze

1 Uday Vir Lakhanpal The Doon School Silver
2 Karan Singhal The Doon School Silver
3 Aditya Vir Roy The Doon School Silver
4 Shubham Agarwal The Doon School Silver
5 Apekshit Goel The Doon School Silver

1 Vibhu Junga Welham Boys Silver
2 Abhinav Kumar Welham Boys Silver
3 Shivam Garg Welham Boys Silver
4 Aditya singh Bhandari Welham Boys Silver
5 Pulkit Bhuwalka Welham Boys Silver
6 Yash Agarwal Welham Boys Silver
7 Ravi Kumar Welham Boys Silver
8 Yuvray singh Randhawa Welham Boys Silver
9 Punit Agarwal Welham Boys Silver

1 Anjesh Dahiya Unison World School Silver
2 Vageesha Aneja Unison World School Silver
3 Harshita Brijwal Unison World School Silver

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