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Role of Youth Reps. and work ahead in 2012

Gold Award Holders Network, Singapore
To support the creation of a Global Award Holders Network, the Asia Pacific region will host the first meeting and workshop in Singapore from 16–20 August 2012. The GAHN will provide a platform for Gold Award holders to make a difference through their leadership and contributions in their communities, equip them to become a future resource and role model and foster international engagement. The tentative venue is the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) Singapore. 

Forum 2012
Youth Delegates wanted to attend the 11th International Award forum in Malta coming November. To attend, they must 
• Be a minimum of 20 years old, and no older than 34 years on the last day of the Forum. 
• Be a Gold Award holder (or an Award participant in newly established countries). 
• Have shown commitment to their local Award programme. 
• Have demonstrated aptitude as a leader, manager or champion. 

We are sure the India IGE Youth Reps. will do us proud and contribute to the success of both the events.

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