Gorumara Camp by students of IAYP - Apeejay School,Kolkata

IAYP, International Award for Young People organized a camp for the student members from Apeejay Schools, Kolkata at Gorumara Forest, North Bengal. Around 31 participant including boys and girls reaped the fruit of this endeavour. Learning for Sustainability being the focus this year the students were offered a brilliant opportunity to explore the possibilities while trekking and visiting the villages in the forest area. While they were trained in Zummering ( an art to climb difficult Rock faces), tyroline traversing and tying knots and hitches they learnt the habitat and environment status of the place. They were trained to pitch up tents and to explore the forest at night too. Apart from team games and fun learning they were assigned to a full fledged survey on Sustainability. A copy of the survey sheet is attached.

The entire effort was an initiative of the Administrator and Principal, Apeejay Schools, Kolkata who felt a need of direct and proactive involvement of the children in projects which offer a scope for straight exploration. She always harps on the belief that an iota of practice is always better than a ton of knowledge.
- Arkaketan Chatterjee, Jakkam

- Aishwarya, Promit Roy (Gold Awadees, IAYP)

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    The post reminds me my school days when we went for a Gorumara Park jungle safari excursion. It was a memorable trip there. After that I have traveled 2 times again to the park and each time I found a new experience there. I have shared my experiences in my Blog Traveldias.com. You can have a look.


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