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On behalf of the International Award family in Asia Pacific, I would like to offer congratulations to IAYP India for this great milestone – 50 years of the Award Programme in India.

IAYP India continues to be an integral and respected member of the International Award Association and we thank you for the support and contributions for the Award and appreciate all you do for the youth of India.

It is wonderful to witness the IAYP India family values and the energy, dedication and commitment of the staff, volunteers, leaders, parents and partners to provide and promote the Award for the benefit of young people.

We further acknowledge the supporters and all who provide services to sustain and strive to move the IAYP India forward.

Thank you also to all the young people who have participated and achieved Awards over the past 50 years – and will be the generation of the IAYP India.

Congratulations on your Golden Jubilee celebrations – and wishing you continued success in the future.

Sue Walker

Regional Director Asia Pacific

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