Role profile Head YES Project

Business and development manager needed
(Version 1 – To be finalised upon commencement)
Job Description:

Job Title:                   Head YES (Youth Engaging Society) Project 

Location:                   Based at Delhi

Reports To:                National Director

Direct Reports:           None

For further information about IAYP and the YES project, please visit

1.     Summary and Main Purpose:

The post will be responsible for the key areas of: Developing Partnerships; Extending the Award; and Quality Assurance within India. This post will also actively participate in aspects of the Strengthening the Structure pathway, where this pathway is concerned with areas of Award management and leadership development. Volunteers will work closely with the Delhi based National Director and the National team as well as liaise with the Sydney based Regional Office team to ensure coordination of activity, policy and strategy.

The role has overall responsibility for the key areas of:
I.           Work closely with the National Director, to set and meet the country’s annual objectives with particular regard to the Developing Partnerships, QA and Extending the Award pathways.
II.          Design, develop and implement the capacity building and  training, particularly in the developing and facilitating of best practice in the India and in helping key and emerging Award Units (YES Centres) and Partners to develop training teams and plans.
III.         Actively contribute to Award Management and Leadership training and development activity within the country.
IV.       Maintain and develop effective and productive relationships with key delivery partnership organisations, such as Partners, World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM), World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) and others.
V.        Proactively provide operational advice and pastoral care support to YES Centres, IOs and emerging National alliance partners in the social and corporate sector as required.
VI.       Proactively develop and supporting key Gold Award holders throughout the region and follow up work with the Award volunteers and youth representatives.
VII.      Work for fund raising, events and activities to help make the Award Programme sustainable in India.
VIII.     Build partnerships and work with Government bodies and institutions to role out the Programme for youth development as a part of the social agenda of the institutions.
IX.       Represent the IAYP India in forums and bodies to for business development, out-reach and to further the implementation of the Strategic Plan needs of IAYP India.

2.     Key Accountabilities:
KA 1            To contribute to the setting and meeting of the country’s annual objectives, with particular regard to the Developing Partnerships, QA and Extending the Award pathways.
KA 2            To motivate, encourage and further develop the Award Programme in the Country through designing and conducting appropriate training, contributing as a presenter at National conferences and events, utilising partner networks and country visits
KA 3            To research, develop and manage the training and development strategy for the NAA and its associated budget, in close liaison with the National Director/team and the Programme team
KA 4            To champion and ensure the application of Award delivery best practice across the country including the coordination and implementation of pilot projects or special initiatives.
KA 5            To provide operational advice and pastoral care to YES Centres, IOs and emerging National License Holders through visits and regular contact
KA 6            To contribute to Award management and leadership development in the country through the NAA and related project activity
KA 7            To establish productive links with youth networks such as YES Centres, Youth Councils etc
KA 8            To facilitate links between Award holders and work with YES Centres to encourage them to engage their Award holders in developing the work of the Award
KA 9            To provide leadership, support and work with the regional youth representatives for meaningful participation in the governance and planning process
KA 10            To develop new operational, promotional and training materials as required
KA 11            To produce reports for the country and for the Programme team as required and assist the National Director in preparing concept papers, proposals and reports on regional/global youth development issues for the Chairman and for governance meetings
KA 12            To contribute and participate NAA / Governing Council and other National meetings as required
KA 13            To promote the Award and the work of the Association at every opportunity, including to external and internal bodies and partners
KA 14            To perform any other task which may be assigned by the National Director

1.     Essential Knowledge/Experience

i.           Educated to degree level or equivalent

ii.          Proven experience and evidence of success in a training and development role

iii.         Proven experience of designing and delivering training

iv.        Proven experience in running training events and public speaking

v.         Experience of writing training plans and developing resources and materials

vi.        Experience of managing relationships with partners and volunteers

vii.       Experience of managing resources

viii.      Experience of monitoring and evaluating training and development programmes

1.     Desirable Knowledge/Experience

I.           Experience of working in the charity/ not-for-profit sector

II.          Knowledge and experience of the Award

III.         Experience of quality assurance processes

IV.       Working knowledge of the common national languages

1.     Skills & Abilities
(acquired by training or experience)

I.           Group facilitation

II.          Small group training

III.         Computer literate – word processing, power point and spreadsheet skills

IV.       Designing, writing training plans and support material

V.        Project and event management and evaluation

VI.       Development and annual planning

VII.      Budgeting and accounts

VIII.     Quality monitoring

1.     Competencies
(behaviours necessary to do the job well)

I.           Excellent written and oral communication skills

II.          Communicate concepts in simple clear language

III.         Planning and prioritising

IV.       Customer focused

V.        Decision making

VI.       Credible working and training with a variety of diverse cultures, gender, age and social groups

VII.      Problem solver and Ideas generation

VIII.     Results and outcome focused

IX.       Effective communicator with different stakeholders and with colleagues at all levels of the organisation

X.        Team player; is able to lead, manage and support as required

XI.       Ability to work in a small team

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