Vote of thanks - 50 year celebrations

Here I am with the goody bag and some good words too.
This time I am not impromptu and do forgive me If I fumble or forget!
This is  the biggest honour for me to do the Vote of thanks for this 50 year celebrations, this is the best gift I personally could have received after thirty years of volunteering.

Near nine million all over the world, happy to be one of the Award family!
50 years and millions of hours of hard work
Near 200000 individuals
30000 likes on Facebook
25000 views on YouTube
10000 plus new participants in 2011
100 plus licensed partners in Year 1 of the one Award model
10000 plus photos on the social networks and beautiful moments say it all...

Thank you His Excellency for being with us at our most glorious hour. We are sure the British High Commission will be with us in our quest always

A befitting thanks to all who made this possible, most of all you our young Award winner for whom we all exist.

Countless volunteers, we salute you.

Partners and all who join us today to celebrate this golden hour, you made this possible.

Gifted are we for the happy times and the golden moments.
We acknowledge our special partner The British Council - Friend of The Award and invite Charlie Walker - Operations Director  to please receive a memento for adding a new direction to our partnership.    

Thank our Managing Trustee Dr Sanat Kaul for the blind faith in us and helping in the delivery of the Programme in India. 

Thank our  IGE Youth Rep. Devanjali my daughter who has helped put in place the ISP supported OAC Project, some say this keeps alive the dynastic rule of the Dutt family!

For 17 years of leadership in our 50, Admiral Govil, the  special honour goes to you Sir.
Thank you to the youth who regard us as their trustees and we promise to Live by their expectations please.

My dear India your hour of reckoning is here and as the whole world looks up to you for your ancient wisdom and modern outlook, may you lead the Award with élan in the years ahead.
Cheers to the next 50 and more!

Sandeep Dutt
Hon. National Director

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