Prerna Rathod: Speaking – A Way To Communicate

Speaking is the best way of communicating with the world. It helps us to express our thoughts and ideas and keep our point of view in front of others. Speaking brings us close to others, as we are able to take part in a group discussion in the classroom or outside and people will listen to your thoughts. If you are not able to share your views in a group, you will be left alone. Nobody will respect you for this. Some advantages of speaking are as follows:

1. Increase in Confidence level: Speaking increases our confidence level. When you start speaking in small groups, then you start gaining confidence. This habit helps to conquer our fears and nervousness. And you become ready to face the world.

2. Critical Thinking:  When you become a good speaker, your thinking power increases. You will always think in a  different way and out of the box. You will think twice before speaking anything.

3. Personality Development:  Speaking with confidence and fluently brings a tremendous
change in our personality. We know when, where and how to speak, so it helps us to gain respect and friendship of others.

4. Success in Profession: During interviews, if we are able to face all questions confidently  and answer in the correct way, then we will get success in our life.

5. Respect in Society:  Once we are successful in our life we will get respect from our
colleagues, staff and society. All will be eager to work with us and would also like to be in our company.

Thus, speaking habits are very much necessary in our daily life. People will know our worth and we will always be ready to face any situation in life. Each one must inculcate this skill in their life.
Prerna Rathod, The Fabindia School

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