Read for Enjoyment and Improvement: Urmila Rathore

We all know that human beings have the power to gain knowledge from everywhere and everything. Every day we think about our own growth and try to do the best in our fields but sometimes we are dissatisfied at the roots of our soul and mind. That time we should think of improving our knowledge and give best to ourselves by crossing the barriers of our own personality. Mostly we read with some kind of pressure, be it of presentation or of examination and forget that reading is for our growth and enjoyment and develops body-mind integrity. I always ensure that my students read a chapter aloud in a classroom or at the terrace or any open area at the home so they can be able to remove all the negativity and improve their reading skills. Reading creates a learning environment around the learner.

Here is some importance of reading :

  Knowledge Empowerment and Improve thinking skill: Reading is the most powerful weapon to defeat our weaknesses because reading can solve all our problems related to gaining knowledge and getting results, so when we read then we come to know about our learning weakness and we will remove these issues. We can get more knowledge and information through reading newspapers, magazines and blog posts of famous writers and authors. We can improve our imagination and thinking process by reading mystery novels and stories because such books run on imagination where we can imagine the next scene or incident, thus giving us the platform to think creatively.

   Improve Vocabulary and Hone Writing Skills: Reading aloud removes hesitation, boosts confidence level, fluency and correct pronunciation of our vocabulary. Through loud reading, we also listen to our own voice and pronunciation so automatically our mind gets practised to correct the words. If the more we read, the more words we gain and we will improve our vocabulary. It makes us always ready to take part in the debate, speech, and writing competitions. It will nourish our mind power and finally, it helps us in writing and improves our language skills as well.

  Boost Memory Power and Concentration: Reading is the best exercise for our mind, stimulates our thinking power and strengthens memory. Reading various novels and story books can improve our concentration and memory status. If we read daily, our mind will become habitual for it. It also keeps our mind healthy, strong, and active. More we read, the more we learn and it keeps our mind fresh all the time. Science has proven that reading can prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia because it stimulates our brain functioning.

  Removes Stress: We all have faced some kind of stress, be it from the workplace or personal relationships and reading a well-written novel serves to deviate our focus from meaningless stress and can lessen its level.
                  Urmila Rathore
The Fabindia School,

We are reading Matthew Raggett's book How your child will win in life.

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