Reading: Kusum Sharma

Reading is a very important activity for each and every human being. Especially loud reading for children enhances their interest in reading and writing. It gives the opportunity to learn many new things in life, which is not possible to experience without a good read. As we all are human beings and have many different situations in life. One has to deal with difficulties can easily accept the challenge because reading helps grow mentally and emotionally. Reading book is one of the constructive habits that actually helps in improving concentration power and train our brain to focus our attention.       

Books can make us happy, sad, loved and so on. It is a mixture of different emotions that finally help us grow emotionally. Parents and teachers both should inculcate the habit of reading and should help them to select good books as per their age group. Reading gives power to our brain to improve our memory because we read information from the storyline so it is easier to memories.

Now a day’s children are very ambitious and want to get success in a short period of time due to these short cuts they don’t achieve success and lose hope and their interest in life and just want to give up. During that period of time, a good inspirational book can change their way of thinking and give them hope for a good life. So reading makes a person open mind and a better decision-maker. Finally, we can say people who read will be very different from the people who don’t.
Kusum Sharma, The Fabindia School

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