The greatest gifts!

Children don't need much to be happy. And we don't need much to make the difference. Children won’t remember the gifts we gave them, they’ll remember the experiences we shared alongside them. 
Picture courtesy Sacred Hearts School Siliguri 
Marketing agencies, global online powers want us to believe that material gifts and gadgets will solve the world’s issues but I don’t believe it for one minute. 

Most of the greatest gifts we can pass onto our children are free, such as:

The touch of their parents hand

The feeling of the wind in their hair 

The sensation of cold water in between their toes

The scent of a flower from the garden

The soft fur of an animal 

A smile

A story 

A place to hide

Someone to chase them

Someone to listen to them.

Someone to say “I believe in you, go in. You’ve got this!” 

Be that person and change the world from the ground up. 

They are the future and we are the guides. 

- Gavin McCormack on Linkedin

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