Reading: Kavita Deora

Reading  is one of the most important activity. It keeps our mind active and healthy. It gives information and knowledge that are useful. It is important to develop the habit of reading not only for knowledge but also for personal growth and development. It develops positive thinking and imagination to built up our confidence. We can always share our knowledge and reading experience with friends and family.

Once we start reading we experience a whole new world. When we develop the habit of reading we get addicted to it. Reading can help us to grow and guide us in the right direction in life. The more we read the more we fall in love with reading. It develops language, skills and vocabulary. By reading book we can relax and reduce stress. Reading inspires us to write and we are able to communicate in a better way with others.

Reading is one of the most interesting habits one should inculcate it.  We do exercise for physical fitness of our body similarly reading is necessary for the mental fitness of our mind. We need to read to experience the joy of reading.

Parents can read books aloud to their children at a very early age. Children cannot read themselves but can understand by listening and by looking at the pictures.  If we don't have the habit of reading then our children will also follow the same. So we need to begin reading for at least ten to fifteen minutes per day. Then slowly we can increase for thirty minutes, once we will fall in love with reading nobody can stop us from reading.
 Kavitha Devda, The Fabindia School

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