Conscientiousness: The Key to Success : Bharti Rao

Conscientiousness means to do something well and the purpose of practising it is understood. It is a long process of learning but the reward and achievement that we get through it is always enjoyable.

The system of Education according to the parents and students is to obtain high grades and get admission in the best colleges. This is not conscientiousness. Those who are conscientious are the people who are responsible, passionate, risk-takers, fearless and ambitious. To be conscientious you need to be efficient, organized, neat and systematic.

We as Educators need to help our children to be conscientious. We need to help them not to be dependent. They should be able to overcome their disability and take it as their advantage, and then they will surely become creative. Educators or parents should help the child to learn to embrace their disability than letting it rule his life. Every problem should be taken as positive learning and try to overcome it.

Conscientiousness comes when one takes the responsibility to achieve the target that he has set. In school we should help our kids to be focused, spontaneous by motivating them constantly. We should give the kids such tasks which will help them to be risk-takers and responsible. We should help them to plan their work and be punctual and disciplined towards work. This will help them to be systematic and conscientious.

You need to be passionate about your goal. An Educator should motivate his students to be conscientious by inculcating in them the traits of being dutiful, faithful, self-controlled, punctual, disciplined, steadfast and responsible.
Bharti Rao
TheFabindia School, Bali

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