Courage: Rahul Thakur

Courage is such a personal thing which comes in so many forms in need courage when I feel scared. It all about to stand up against to your fear, and say hey! I am willing to do to the battle. Then it’s up to you to do drive up the will, and that determination and that fight everyday go up there and be the best people that we can be.

Courage means brave and enough to face challenges which come in our path. In courage, braveheart is a powerful weapon to achieve victory in life.

We all heard the story of Milkha Singh life also teaches you to courage to move on. He was not even a teenager when he lost his parents in violent riots. That was disturbing for him, but he moved on and face the challenge with bravery and become one of India's most loved athletes. He teaches a lesson never take no for an answer when we are reaching your goals and face the fear and courage to move on.
Rahul Thakur
The Fabindia School, Bali

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