Play, Curiosity and Enthusiasm: Ajay Vijayvargi

The simple notion strikes our mind when we hear the word 'Play' is about sports and the programs in schools that help students to be fit. What is play? Is it a sport, a game or an activity around a table? Yes, it is but more than that is about pretending, trying things out and making mistakes without having to lose anything. Even in it teaches us how to lose with good grace, how to think strategically, how to give and take, how to be fair. 

The activities help a child to acquire motor skills, kinesthetic response, balance, patience, communication, strategy and many more skills that are required to us in life. The learning to make mistakes in play, losing in sports and games builds our confidence, increases the capacity to solve problems and to push our cognitive-linguistic development forward. Picasso said that every child is an artist; the trick is making sure that they don't stop being artists. The same is true with curiosity and enthusiasm. Curiosity is something that can be nurtured and developed. With practise, we can harness the power of curiosity to transform everyday tasks into interesting and enjoyable experiences. 

We can also use curiosity to intentionally create wonder, intrigue and play out of almost any situation or interaction we encounter. A simple meaning for the word enthusiasm is to have a keen interest. It means we demonstrate eagerness and a joy that fills us with energy. 

Ajay Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School, Bali

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