Wanted a Primary School Principal!

Lady with the lamp, where art thou?

Primary years are your first 💕.

You love a breath of fresh 💨.
Want to settle at Dehradun?
We have a job to involve you for 10+ years, and the school will grow with you from Primary to K12.

Prior experience is welcome; if you want this to be your first shot as a principal, give it a try!

Image courtesy: Primary School Clipart, Png Download - Reading Cartoon, Free clipartkey.com
With passionate educators, EBD is setting up a school at Dehradun. Amidst a legacy campus that opened its doors in 1947 to give newfound freedom to young people. 

This is the new India; we decided to re-invent the wheel, building on a solid foundation with a sense of service to the community and a commitment to values.

Verdant greens, sounds of silence, birds chirping, water body, tree house, blue skies,  amphitheatre, pick-up from home...and even an area for parents to lounge in!

My Good School welcomes you with an open heart! No CV is needed; email LF@ebd.in and tell us why you are best suited.

OFFER CLOSES 31st July 2022

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