Courage and Patience - Jaspreet Kaur

A. Fearful Student

In my opinion, first of all, we must find the root cause of the fear. Then we must create a fun environment in the classroom. I will try to do some fun activities or exercises in the class before starting the lesson plan. After that, I will appreciate the responses of fearful students, even if he/ she will give the wrong answers. It might be the student become afraid because of peer pressure. This will help the fearful learner to boost up his/ her confidence. I will also speak to that particular student’s parents to find the root cause. Finally, I will counsel the child politely.

B. An Impatient student:

An impatient student is mostly an attention seeker who wants to attract everyone’s attention to him/her. If I face such a student, I will create a safe environment in the classroom. I will find the cause of that behaviour. I will give some vital responsibility to that impatient student so that he/ she can channel his / her energy in the right direction. I will positively communicate with that particular child.

Jaspreet Kaur
Kamla Nehru Public School, JOL Cohort 2022

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