Simplicity And Trust - Preeti Mahajan

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. It is a state of mind, not a lifestyle.

Trust is the bedrock of all strong relationships. Without it, chaos and coercion dominate.

Activity conducted: Role Play.

Number of participants: 20
(4 teams, 5 in each group)

The children enacted a one-act play on Simplicity and Trust. They highlighted these virtues with the help of a story. They also made slogans and posters on it.

Initial response:

In the beginning, the children were quite apprehensive about the activity. They were hesitant to perform. They also did not know how to write the script.

My role/ Contribution

I guided the children to take up any daily incident where they have observed the importance of Simplicity.

For example, wearing a school uniform, the Simplicity of village life, and the life of famous people like Sh. Abdul Kalam, Sh. Narendra Modi etc. They were told how Trust is the base of all relationships, for example, family bonding, friendship, student-teacher relationship etc.

Impact on students :

They came up with beautiful ideas and narrated many such incidents from their daily life. They wrote the script and dialogues and presented the one-act play enthusiastically.

Take away /learning for me: The students learn better by experience learning; they showcased the value of Simplicity and Trust in front of the class.

Preeti Mahajan
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