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Simplicity and Trust go hand-in-hand. Students can only trust you, if you are simple enough and you can be simple, only by letting others trust you.  

Simplicity makes everything easier be it life, be it love or be it learning. Simplicity is the cure for our topsy-turvy world where we are constantly running after things, we don't even know. It is directly proportional to humility. When we are ordinary, we are modest but when we are extraordinary, we might fill ourselves with pride and arrogance. If we live simply, we can connect better. As teachers, we need to bend ourselves to the level of students and then talk to them, for one day they might grow taller than us. 

Simplicity and Curiosity are the sides of the same coin. Being simple allows us to explore new dimensions of learning, enter different worlds of growth and discover new paths to limitless places. It arises curiosity and there is no better way of learning than learning with inquisitiveness and love. Simple is perhaps the best way to do anything. 

The reason why I love all my teachers is that they are the purest form of simplicity. With just a mix of chalk and challenges, teachers can change lives. I love my school because I get to see my teachers, beaming at us no matter how notorious we are, no matter how much pain they suffer yet they put a brave face on and smile. The simplicity of a teacher can make her a friend or a mother, for students need that one teacher whom they deeply love. Blackboards, books and chalk, a teacher is much more than this all... 

We don't need to be so complex that we tangle in our threads and tumble down the stairs. What we all need is simplicity. Simple enough to accept the truth, simple enough to work on your mistakes and simple enough to learn from others. If we do what our conscience allows, if our mind and body are in harmony and if we see the beauty within then, we live simply.  A Simple Life is always a Happy Life. 

Another value we need for a Happy Life is Trust. T for Teachers and T for Trust so, Trust is the most important value that a school should evolve and Trust is also something that we learn from an early age. It is the faith, belief and responsibility that we thrust upon a reliable person. In school, trust starts when Parents send their children to school, trusting that the teachers will make their kids experience the joy of learning. 

The second transfer of trust in a school is when teachers entrust students with responsibilities which could be as small as collecting the notebooks, or minding the class, or even helping a new student. If we want to gain trust, then first we need to learn how to trust others. A Teachers trusts a student, for then only can the student learn to respect, to listen to and to trust the teacher. 

The third type of trust that circulates in a school is among students. Children trust their friends with secrets or with projects. In a group activity, it is very important that everyone connects, collaborates and creates with blind trust over the others. Trust is the foundation of Teamwork. The last type of trust which is beyond school boundaries, is when a teacher trusts a student to keep in touch and to keep connect even when they are no longer in school. It is this bond of trust that ties us in a school forever, even when we are no longer students but we will always be lifelong learners, all thanks to the trust we share. 

Simplicity and Trust may be easy to speak about but they are earned only when our actions meet our words. 

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10-B, 
Gyanshree School

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