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is having no complexes and focusing on the right things. It is essential to have Simplicity in the classrooms because there are several distractions, and we possibly can't focus on two things simultaneously. That is why it is important to have studies presented engagingly so that instead of useless distractions, we find this better than daydreaming in class! Also, there are several complications that our mind creates and some phobias which might trouble us. It's essential to increase our focus and concentration on one thing. Simplicity is connected to Humility. Simplicity is when we are humble. 

Another part of Simplicity is Minimalism. Your room would probably be filled with things you don't use or don't bring any value to your life. Imagine a life without those unnecessary things. Pretty plain and boring. Right? Not really. Humans have created a belief that is to love things and use people. Loving things will give you temporary happiness because as soon as things are finished, we crave them again and plead for them, and if we don't get it, we are disappointed or angry. While on the other hand, if we love people with a true heart, happiness lasts forever. People crave things so much and so that without them, they are not able to survive.

An exercise I would carry out in my classroom on Simplicity is: - "Poet Tree" Activity: Taking my class outside — asking them to observe things around them based on a theme; Later, children can record it in poems written by them.

- I would take them on a trip and afterwards ask them questions about what they noticed on the way, And write their experience and write the way to the place.

- How can you focus on utilizing things and keeping things simple at home. Make them tell what they have at home and out of that what they need and what they don't use - their wants.

The impact on students would be that they could focus more and be more attentive. It would make them know about minimalism.

Trust is a firm belief in reliability, truth, ability, or strength.

An exercise I would carry out in my classroom on Trust is:

- Make students explain the quote - Trust is when actions meet words.

- Conduct a classroom discussion on the value of Trust means to children, and instances where they have gained/lost Trust.

The impact on students will be that they will learn that Trust needs no complications and know how to show Trust in their actions.

Simplicity and Trust are connected. We need Simplicity to have Trust. When we trust someone, we make too many complications; we should learn to make it simple.

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much."

- Mother Teresa

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