Honesty and Respect In The Classroom - Rishona Chopra

Honesty and Respect are two equally essential values that go hand in hand. Respecting these two values in the classroom and trying to inculcate them is vital. 

Honesty is being true to ourselves. We can lie to the world but not ourselves and deceive ourselves when we lie to others and think we have fooled them. We can lie to others but not to ourselves. The trust that one builds on the other is because we will be honest with them. We often lie to fit in the society, but that is not needed; we should be who we are. 

Being bullied by children in class, is quite common but we should never lie about ourselves to be like them and fit in their company, if you are the odd one out, it doesn't matter because being odd or unique is a good thing and that is also the reason why I personally like odd numbers.

You would have often heard people say they don't get into trouble when they do something wrong and tell the truth, but I think that's not how it works. Like in stories, it says that we did a bad thing, said the fact and got chocolate, but those are not practical. We should always be honest, but not necessary to help us escape trouble. We still might face the consequence, so we should not be honest, thinking it will get us out of trouble. Accept your mistake and improve. Even if your teacher doesn't appreciate you when you are honest and gives you a scolding for what you did, be happy because, on the inside, the teacher would be equally happy that you told the truth.

Respecting others in the classroom is very important. Respecting your teachers, colleagues, and peers is excellent. Honesty is based on truth and the ability to respect yourself and others.

Respect is earned, Honesty is appreciated, Love is gained, and Loyalty is returned.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

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