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Teachers Travel With You All Your Life

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Anvesha Rana from Gyanshree School reads the chapter Teachers Travel With You All Your Life.

Learning is a lifelong process; we must have the best teacher accompany us on life's journey. We may grow up and follow a 'guru' or a mentor; whoever we follow, the teacher's leadership is supreme; the teacher travels with us for life. The empathy and care our teachers bestow on us are etched in our memory for life. You will always carry your teacher in you no matter where you go. The empathy and care our teachers bestow on us will be etched in our memory for life. You will always carry your teacher with you no matter where you go.

What Makes Teachers Great?

Some characteristics can predict whether a teacher will be great even before entering the classroom. Studies show the teacher is one of the most crucial factors in your child's school success. A poor teacher can set your child back forever; a great teacher inspires them forever.

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Listen to this heartwarming episode, and recollect your days with your favourite teacher!

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Rupa Publications India Pvt is the book's publisher, and the copyright rests with Sandeep Dutt.

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