Responsibility and Cooperation - Preeti Mahajan


Taking responsibility is a commitment to your own life, self-leadership, growth and freedom.

Being responsible is an indispensable trait. Each step we take towards being responsible helps to raise our self-esteem and relationships with everyone around us. Being responsible pays enormous dividends. Responsibility is an ethical concept that refers to every individual's obligations and duties to society. As educators, we are responsible for instilling this virtue in our children.

Responsibility at school

 • Completion of class work and homework

 • time management

 • participation in learning activities.

 • attending classes and the school regularly

 • preparation for the exam.

Responsibility at home

 • Helping parents with household chores.

 • making their beds. 

 • making their small meals. 

 • laying the table.

 • cleaning the room or house.

 • saving money.

 • save water /electricity.

Being an awakened citizen, one must have a responsibility toward society also.

 • Saving natural resources

save electricity, fuel, water 

 • extending help to the poor and needy

 • protection of women, education of children

 • Helping elders and senior citizens.


Cooperation is always more potent than the competition. Great discoveries and improvements involve the cooperation of many minds. Cooperation is the ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse people or teams and value the opinions and contributions of every individual.

Cooperation makes a group, organisation or country attain their goals in a better way.

The following activities can be done in the classes to instil the virtue of cooperation among the children.

 • Jig saw puzzles 

 • class board decoration

 • weaving a story 

 • role play

Ms Preeti Mahajan
Ahlcon Public School
Happy Teachers JOL Cohort 2022

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