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Why do you think that responsibility is an important trait?
Responsibility helps you learn how to handle difficult situations, make good decisions, set goals, and achieve them. Responsibility is essential because it makes you into a better person. Life lessons are often taught through taking responsibility for your actions, mistakes, and events.

When you are responsible for something, you accept that you own the success or failure of it. A responsible person keeps their eyes focussed on the things that matter most. It provides a sense of purpose and builds resilience amidst adversity on an individual and social level. By accepting responsibility, we become more action-oriented and gain confidence. The type of responsibilities we accept in our lives contributes to the person we become.

How can you teach your students to be responsible in school, at home, and outside?
The children are responsible for their own behaviour and words. We need to emphasize this through a reward system. Make the children enthusiastic about any task assigned to them. Once again, a reward system will work on this. Try and improve the responsibility of the children in a continuous manner. This could be achieved through assigning tasks, games, and activities and holding the children accountable for the outcomes.

In school, we can ask the children to represent the class in news reading in school assembly; of course, this will require guidance from the teacher. We must ensure that every child must participate in inter-section competitions. While we may win some, we will also lose some. Therefore, we must instil the spirit of winning for ourselves and the section. This will instil responsibility in the children.

At home, ask the children to pack their school bags according to the timetable and encourage them to polish their own shoes.

How strong is the culture of cooperation in your classroom?
Cooperation is working together with somebody else to achieve something. Cooperation is the sine-qua-non of teamwork. One of the essentials of school education is learning to work in a team. To promote cooperation, we must assign work to be done and games to be played as a team, simultaneously emphasizing the goal and our expectations and emphasizing a compelling cause. The games could be anything from Kabaddi to football or activities like short skits. A balloon and toothpick game is an excellent way to inculcate cooperation amongst the children.

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Roopa Bhattacharyya
Mridula Renjit
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