Responsibilty and Cooperation - Shalini Solanki

Responsibility is an essential value as it makes us more focused, goal-oriented, confident and accountable. One cannot succeed without having this quality. It makes a person sorted, away from chaos. Even in challenging situations, a responsible person knows how to stay calm and deal with them. They invest more time in finding solutions and fixing mistakes instead of blaming the time, situation and others. Responsible people motivate not only themselves but also everyone around them.

Making students responsible in school:
Students learn values not by reading, listening or talking about them but by experiencing an environment where they get to live them. Teachers are critical in every student’s life; their teachers are always right and know everything. 

I remember an instance in my class from this session. Children used to keep their other subject books/ notebooks every morning on my table in a very casual manner that would scatter the entire table (I sometimes had to remind them to keep the books on my table). I would then bifurcate them according to different subjects and keep them in the designated cupboards. My students observed for a few days and got an idea of being responsible for their own things. They gradually started keeping the books, not on my table but in the cupboard in the most organised manner without reminding them. Now, they clean their own table before each period or go out of the class for any activity. They saw, they learned.

Cooperation Culture:
Shalini Solanki
Gyanshree School
Happy Teachers JOL Cohort 2022

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