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Responsibility & Cooperation

Responsibility is a term we often hear in different phases of our lives, and it can be fulfilled in a limitless number of ways. This is one such value that every human is born with; it’s the cultivation and realization dependent on the environment in which one is nurtured. 

Let’s now take a moment to understand the easiest way to explain the term – ‘Responsible’ – it is the act of being brave enough to accept the consequences of one’s act .

Responsibility in other words is a position / duty given to a person to fulfill. Every person has varied responsibilities at the same time .Eg: A student holds the responsibility of representing his /her school, his/her family, his/her class and, more specifically, their section. At times, a child gets anxious on hearing this word out of fear. 

As they grow older, the responsibility of a person goes through a transitory phase. It is very important that a person be exposed to shouldering responsibilities at an early age. It develops a sense of confidence in a student and teaches them ways to accept and handle their success and failures in a very effective way.

Teamwork activities always encourage one to hone their skills to work in a cooperative manner. A simple activity that I held in my class was – rearranging the furniture of the classroom – I gave a task to the students of my class to rearrange the tables and chairs in a U shape pattern, but without speaking a word, I was amazed seeing the way they understood each other just by their gestures and cooperated with one another to complete the act successfully. I feel this was achieved as I did not appoint any leader to any group, but told the students that each of them is responsible for their own individual actions and for their actions as a whole. 

Ms. Maithreyi Venkataraman
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