Humility and Appreciation - Laxmi Kant Bhatt

Children feel encouraged and confident when they are appreciated; in fact, every person feels encouraged when appreciated. To boost their confidence, I decided to perform a task which could contribute to my subject at school. 
I came up with an idea to make an activity related to maths which could also be fun for the students.

With humility, I walked up to the principal and explained that we should provide a maths challenge every week and divide the students into junior and senior groups. Each group gets one question. The student who comes first with the correct solution will be the winner of the challenge. For appreciation, we will announce the child's name in the assembly, and the child will be rewarded. 
My principal was very supportive of the idea and suggested that you take the winner child out for coffee, and we can call it coffee with the coach. 
Cheered when ma'am accepted my idea, we announced the challenge in the assembly the next day and put the challenge on the notice board. Good response from the children, and we did get winners of the challenge. The winners were taken out for a coffee. The children felt obliged to go out for a coffee. They were full of excitement and felt appreciated for being awarded this way. The other children were encouraged by this and were discussing and excited about the new challenge. They approached me and continuously asked for a new challenge.

I am glad that the children enjoyed my activity. 
This way, we found a good way to appreciate the children for their excellent work.

Laxmi Kant Bhatt
The Doon Girls' School Dehradun
JOL Cohort 2022

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