Responsibility and Cooperation - Ruchi Chaudhary

Responsibility is essential because it can help build bonds with teachers and classmates and shows leadership that you are a valuable student. 

Teachers value children who exhibit responsibility because they know they can trust you to complete tasks on time and submit high-calibre work. Responsible Teachers and students usually establish schedules and set priorities to ensure they can discover the best ways to multi-task day after day.

I always encourage my students by saying that focus on becoming more responsible, so they can experience unparalleled growth. It Is often said that your thoughts become your actions. But without taking responsibility for your life, those thoughts often just stay on that mental stage and aren't translated into action.

Use simple words to explain responsibility - for example, you can tell your students that a duty they are expected to do on their own without being told is a responsibility, like completing everyday tasks or keeping their belongings in order. Also, teach them that responsibility and consequences go hand in hand. For example, let's assume it is the responsibility of a child to Maintain discipline in class. If he/she maintains it regularly, they learn a great virtue of life. 

Learning Cooperation is necessary for a child's social and emotional development. Being able to work together with others to reach a goal or overcome a challenge will set a child up for future success.

As an Activity In-Charge, I planned such activities where students complete their tasks by cooperating with each other. Recently we had many Interhouse activities like board decoration, Quizzes, skits, Sports activities etc. Through those activities, children learn how to cooperate and understand its value.

Through Cooperation, members of the group are not only rewarded based on the success of the entire group but are also individually accountable for their own work. The task or activity is structured in a way that requires the input and participation of every group member. As a result, all of the group members learn from each other.

Ruchi Chaudhary 

Mussoorie Public School Happy Teachers JOL Cohort 2022

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