21st Century Educators

The Educators at The Iconic School are reading Kavita Ghosh’s Book for the Level II of the Learning Forward India three-year Professional Learning Program. 
The 21st century portrays a plethora of opportunities for every individual of the society. This calls for a great change in systems and skills of individuals. School education will become the first platform for this change. The stakeholders of this change are the school management, Educators and students. The change here means that most of the school systems need to be upgraded or revised. These systems include focus on the overall development of the student,  hiring Educators who are ready to experiment and are progressive in thoughts and actions.  The management needs to revise the conventional policies that give enough freedom for the school, educators and students to evolve.

The defined change can lead to multiple developments as the potential of every individual is recognized and catered. In such an environment  the education system will be able to provide opportunities and challenges to students to create  their individual development path as As per their interest. This conducive environment will build a human Possessing  21st century skills. Therefore the partnership between schools and parents need to be extremely strong in order to support the interest of the individuals. The need of the hour is to move beyond the conventional methodology of recruiting the Educators. The progressive educator need not be an excellent academician,  but should possess the skills to address the diversity in the classroom respecting and bringing out the best from every individual.

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