Human Nature

The nature that a human possesses is far similar to that of animals regarding territory. Most human beings do not go beyond their own territory. Instead, every human being must explore in other territories.

Everyone is a lion in his own kingdom, but one must not become a cat in other's territory. This is a very important quality in all human beings that they must not hesitate while discovering another territory.

For this purpose, one must have the confidence to show his talent in the other area. One must believe in him/her self. Believing is a strong power that can make you do everything. One must never be shy. If you are blessed with a talent, it is just needed to be explored. One must have a courageous heart and shine everywhere.

One must be capable to do everything and have the guts to bright in others territory too. His ownership must be shown into next territory. These qualities will make a man perfect.

At last, we would like to conclude that people should try more and more to interact instead of being aloof. One must have good behaviour and must be filled with good qualities that will help a human being to achieve more in life.

By Archana Koratkar, Kritika Rajpurohit, Yukti Kansara
The Fabindia School

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