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Mr. Matthew Raggett is a British educator who is the incumbent Headmaster of The Doon School.
Mr. Raggett, who has had an extensive career in international education, was the Principal of the Secondary School of Leipzig International School in Germany prior to joining The Doon School. In Leipzig, Mr. Raggett administered the senior school and taught in the IB programme.
He grew up in the South West of England and studied Maths and Theoretical Physics at the University of Newcastle. As well as professional teaching qualifications, he has an MBA in Educational Leadership from Charles Sturt University in Australia. As he has a true sense of vocation, Mr. Raggett chose a career in teaching because he believed it was in education that he could make his greatest contribution to society and find the most rewarding work.
He taught Physics in the United Kingdom before moving to the Vienna International School as Head of Physics in 1998; he continued to teach Physics in subsequent positions. He has boarding experience in a number of the schools in which he taught, including Pearson United World College in Canada; United World College in Singapore; and King’s College, Madrid, where he was head of the boarding section.
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He has invaluable experience in strategic planning and educational policy-making and implementation in a variety of international settings.
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