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Director, Extramarks Education India Pvt. Ltd. and CEO, Extramarks Education Foundation, Ms. Poonam Singh Jamwal strongly believes that EdTech innovation can help imbibe pedagogical principals and good practices universally. Technology platforms help tap each learners’ unique potential, cater quality at scale, measure outcome and sustain the quality and individual uniqueness paradigm. A leader with a vision and drive, she has been pivotal in the success of Extramarks.
This energy packed strategist has taken Extramarks Education Digital Solutions-K-12 Curriculum based 2D, 3D, VR, AI-based modules, assessments, and platforms, to enhance and energise the learning space in the school and beyond school. The latest innovation which taking the education world by storm is a digital learning ecosystem – Total Learning, a One-App-One-Solution for all learning requirements. There is a seamless continuation of learning from School to Home connecting all stakeholders on a single platform.
Spearheading the learner journey from foundation years to Career, she also leads Career Counselling Cell and the Competitive Exam Prep (IIT JEE/NEET) vertical through 40 offices pan India and online packages. Today over 9000+ schools, 1 lakh teachers and 9 million+ students benefit from Extramarks Solutions across all K-12 national and international curricula.
With her strong belief that quality education is the right of every child, she drives Extramarks Education Foundation to take Ed-Tech solutions to the unprivileged learner and making him future ready. With this gumption to bring equity in quality education and take the Ed-Tech solutions to the remotest corner, the recent CSR projects, have reached out to 45,000 + girl students, 1500+ teachers, 130+ schools, 11 states with 12 corporate partners.
She leverages her two decades of rich corporate experience to connect like-minded people and organizations towards creating quality education access for all.
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A Chevening Scholar and alumnus of University of Bradford, Poonam holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Education (MA) and PG Journalism. Business Strategist, Youth Marketing Expert, Disrupter, Speaker, Writer, Trainer, Painter.
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