Branding and Schools

Branding, why your school needs it? 

The young Interns at our School in Bali, have worked on an article published by Scoonews, they share the story very simply!

'The term “School Brand”, similar to "brand" as it applies to traditional business applications, is any type of term, mark or insignia, which identifies one organization or product from another.'
- Wikipedia
The story of a school and the philosophy behind the brand.
Case Study
Education = Service + Skill + Sport + Study
The collaborative magenta for Service.
Is used to symbolize "anti-racism", young people bring the world together and do not like being differentiated by colour, caste, creed... other divisive ways. Communities must be built.
The serene green for Skill.
The word green is closely related to the Old English verb growan, "to grow". Individuals must develop skills for life.
The electric cyan for Sport.
Without Cyan we cannot make any colour, this portrays the need for a "basic" understanding of the needs of the young people.
The prestigious blue for Study.
All-pervading and dominant colour to enhance vision, we need to think "beyond the blue". Intellectual development is a necessity.

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