Responsible Icons: Love Learning Vs Hate Learning

There is an eager wait for the English educator by the students of Grade 6 today, as Ms Mona has moved for a new job assignment to Alwar. There is little unrest also amongst the students as they adored Ms Mona to the core because of her passion for teaching, she connects with the students and her values which she reflected through her everyday experience with the students. All her qualities didn’t only made her popular amongst the students but also invoked love for the English language. It wasn’t easy for the students to see someone else in Ms Mona’s place.

A petite figure entered the classroom with grey hair and short stature. There was a cold silence in the classroom. Students were very sure that this was their new English educator as the face was new. She introduced herself in a very stern tone. Raghav dared and asked her, “ Ma’am are you going to teach us English?". She replied, “indeed child”. There was a sudden whisper which ran across the classroom.

At the first instance, students didn’t look very welcoming towards her and they started being inattentive in her class. They started bunking her classes as well and as a result, their performance dipped. It was the time for Mrs Das to whip her magic wand. She observed the class for a while and then started opening up with the students by talking to them about their interests and hobbies and cracking funny jokes with them. It helped her to connect with the students. She started being with them in their sports classes and converting hers into one. Gradually students started accepting her not as a replacement for Ms Mona but as their new English educator.
Mrs Das proved that with a little change in our attitude and a desire to connect with your students can turn around the hatred learning towards love learning.

- Responsible Icons: Manish Rajpal, Bhawna Sharma, Nikita Galphate & Shivani Kanangoo at The Iconic School Bhopal.
Inspiration from Kavita Bhupta Ghosh, author Wanted backbencher last ranker teacher

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