Helpful Icons: Love Learning Vs Hate Learning

Classrooms are places where stories originate. With every child, a story is associated which runs into the risk of being labelled as good or bad.

We want to quote a real story from the classroom which broke the barriers of being good or bad. A big bang complaint was sent for a student of grade 2 who was found making cross marks on the classroom walls. The complaint was 360 degree as the students, the staff and also the neighbouring class kids went on with great enthusiasm to show the problem that took place in the classroom.

In this great chaos, one sensible thing happened and that was connecting with the child. An Educator started discussing the mark on the wall with the student and to a great surprise the interesting part of the story emerged, wherein the child shared his action as a support for the teacher’s words to stop other children to make the shoe marks on the wall. This small story has a great meaning and must be happening in different forms and intensity across, however, how we address such situations in the school environment holds great importance.

Educators within the school need to be empathetic, compassionate, understanding, loving and receiving with great openness. Every time situations have to be dealt from need point of view and as soon as the need analysis is done we role-model respect, appreciate diversity, reflect the flexibility and become a solution seeker. Such environments will automatically transform the school and classroom environment to loving and caring spaces. The Initiators for this process has to be Educators. Only then we will be able to happily enjoy the process of learning.

- Helpful Icons, educators from The Iconic School Bhopal
Inspiration from Kavita Bhupta Ghosh, author Wanted backbencher last ranker teacher

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