Understanding Icons: Hate Learning Vs Love Learning

“A true teacher can inspire, hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love of learning”.

Being a teacher, we come across many students who don’t show interest in your class. We can relate it with the different players of a cricket team. All 11 players are different in their styles and skills. Some are good in batting, some in fielding and some are good ballers. Everyone has their different forte. Similarly, in the classroom, there are different categories of students. Few are active learners, others are slow learners. Yet another group is there, who hates learning. Here comes the role of a teacher, who has to walk an extra mile to instil the love of learning in this bunch of students.

This can be done by building a healthy and friendly connection with the students. Once a teacher is able to achieve it, it becomes easier for the teacher to do the hand-holding. When the students love and respect their teacher, they start taking the suggestions of the teacher in a positive way. The teacher can then identify the weak areas of the student and can focus on what can be done to stimulate positive behaviour and encourage them.

This can be done by different ways like praising them generously, to start from the simple and short so as to boost their morale. Instead of highlighting their errors, students can be asked to reflect their own work and eventually they will start learning from their own mistakes.

This will ultimately convert their hatred towards learning into love for leaning.

-Understanding Icons, The Iconic School
Inspiration from Kavita Bhupta Ghosh, author Wanted backbencher last ranker teacher

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