Let us stimulate our young minds with positivity.

Every individual in the universe has multiple experiences of life. Each experience leads to great learning. The learning for life, The learning for the future should always be carried forward positively. When an educator enters to the learning centre he has to face varied behaviours. Somehow he can relate himself with those behaviours. If an educator can relate the incidences happening in his learning centre with  his past experiences he can surely bring about all positivity in the minds of young learners. Always be ready to face the various characteristics that vary from child to child of your learning circle.

There should be a reflex arc mechanism to build a human from an individual. The impulse should be imparted in such a manner so that it can stimulate all the characteristics to give a response.

An educator has to be empathetic, affectionate, a good planner, bring liveliness, encouraging, confidence builder to create an environment where there is love for learning and leave behind all the hatred for learning.

Give your child a purpose for life wherein he will decide his priorities and likings. Let him explore the world with his open wings. Give him space to fly, a learner can never be imprisoned, we can never impose our thinking’s to their minds.

Don’t wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good, try to use ordinary situations.

- CURIOUS ICONS, The Iconic School
Inspiration from Kavita Bhupta Ghosh, author Wanted backbencher last ranker teacher

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